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2 years ago


I am a big fan of kpop.REALLY...So I am disturbed that many people (especially freaky adults) are criticizing kpop...SERIOUSLY?Like theyre gonna get something when they do that...They dont know but we are getting hurt by it..By how they say "Its so ugly" "Why like if u dont understand?"WTF guys?Kpop is like a world to us...I know it sounds like a fool but it is...We kpop stans love Kpop as much as u love your girl/boyfriends as much as u love your favourite food... And liking Kpop isnt just about the face ok?Yeah its included...But also on the performance,personality and etc...I hope if someone is reading this whose life is nothing but nothing...Please dont be like others so pathetic...We just fell inlove with it and you dont have the fvck to tell us what we should love ok??SERIOUSLY.Adults nowadays
2 years ago

I dont know if this makes sense...

Hi its me again...Yeah...The foolish girl who fell inlove when doing prank...I just stopped by here coz I dont have anything else to do...And to say! I dont know if somebody reads my "Nonsense" blog and if there is I Love You :* BTW: Hi my name is a secret,Im just 13 years old and living in Philippines...Im a fangirl of a Kgroup called SHINee and the handsome teenage actor Zak Henri and the famous King of Youtube,the fabulous Pewdiepie....I like handsome and cute w/eyesmile guy...I love american movies and Korean dramas....I dont like any of my Filipino culture except for Yeng Constantino,a great singer I love... I know a bit Korean too.. .So yeah that is me~ I hope you like me and lets all be friends here life is short right?Bye :D
2 years ago

It started with a Prank ㅋㅋ

I created this blog to share my thoughts and secrets that I cant say to my friends coz they dont do things like blogs ...And today I just wanted to share my crush,...I guess? He is one of my bestfriend for already one year...This feeling just started with my childish prank..ㅋㅋ... I told him that I like him and my other bestfriends told him too...While Its taking too long my poor little heart started to beat so fast and I know youre thinking now that Im so bitch ㅋㅋ...Sorry by the way,yeah...From then on I liked him and till now I still have a crush on him...Its a onesided love.... Sooo,yeah!~I think you are bored reading this coz this story is so common Haha :3 Bye!!